What is open task?

We're currently looking for photos related to attractions in various cities in Korea. In the future, we plan to hold photo contests related to domestic and foreign restaurants, pubs, and cafes. We're moving to more and more countries and cities, so subscribe and stay up to date!

What if I have some photos for the places not on the list?

-Is it a Korean travel destination? If you have a photo of a place not included above, please send us the place information related to the photo! They have the same payment policy and review process. Once a photo is selected, we will review it and reward you with cash! -Is it a destination outside of Korea? Sorry! We are currently looking for photos of Korean tourist attractions. However, we will contact you as soon as a new photo contest opens. Sign up below for quick updates!

Can I submit multiple photos related to one spot?

Yes! You can upload multiple photos in the submission form.

Why did you host a photo competition?

We're looking for photos for our destination contents. We collect the photos and present in front of all travelers, so that they can better understand each attraction.

How much money can I get?

Selected photos will be awarded $0.5. You will receive an email about the progress of your photo review, and once a photo is selected you will receive the payment via PayPal or Kakao Pay.

How many photos are selected?

There are no restrictions. We get 7-15 photos per tourist attraction in Pyeonggun. The more photos you submit, the more likely there is a chance that more photos will be selected.

What is the photo selection criteria?


  • This is a picture you took yourself, which means you are the photo owner
  • It accurately describes the attractions we'are looking for
  • This is a good-looking picture with good quality
  • Copyright infringed photos downloaded from other sites or platforms.
  • This is a portrait-oriented picture rather than the tourist attraction presented.
  • The picture quality is poor or the picture size is very small.

Can I participate in the contest even if I am not a photographer?

Yes, of course! You can participate as long as it is a picture you took yourself, owns the copyright of the photo, and clearly describes the attractions presented. Photos are also okay if they are not taken professionally. All you need is good quality and usable photos.

What happens when my photo get selected?

Once your photos are selected, you will receive an email from us, and you will receive payment from us to your preferred payment method. Also, you agree to assign all rights of your paid photos to us. Please read Photo Submission Agreement carefully before you submit your photos.

What happends if my photos are not selected?

We'll kindly let you know, and we'll delete your photos from our system automactially in the next 30 days.

Can I withdraw my photos after submission?

If your photos are still in the review process, kindly send us an email at info@tripleur, including your information and the photos you want to withdraw. We'll automatically delete your photos in 30 days. If we have already paid your photos, it's also possible. Kindly send us an email at info@tripleur.com, and our account manager will contact you as soon as possible!

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